Cube of cheese

(Presented by Wojciech Mostowski in IPA herfstdagen 08)

Given a cheese cube the goal is to cut it into exactly 27 equal and smaller cubes.

The question is: what is the minimum number of cuts you need to make, and why? Take into account that you can move the pieces of cheese between each cut.

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4 Comments on “Cube of cheese”

  1. Gaurav Chandak Says:

    9 is the answer

    • simpple Says:

      Wrong answer. And the “why” part is also important in this puzzle. In any case, it is better not to post the answer to avoid spoiling the fun 😉

  2. Messi Says:

    wouldnt it be 5?? 4 would get you to 16, and then 5 would put u to as many as 32…. every time you cut, you stack the pieces, and make a vertical cut down the middle, making twice the combinations… so 2^x>32

    • simpple Says:

      27 = 3*3, which means the moment you cut the cube in the middle it is no longer possible to have a partition of exactly 27 equal cubes. Right?

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