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Five card trick

October 14, 2009

(Taken from Nick’s mathematical puzzles, puzzle 19)

Two information theoreticians, A and B, perform a trick with a shuffled deck of cards, jokers removed. A asks a member of the audience to select five cards at random from the deck. The audience member passes the five cards to A, who examines them, and hands one back. A then arranges the remaining four cards in some way and places them face down, in a neat pile.

B, who has not witnessed these proceedings, then enters the room, looks at the four cards, and determines the missing fifth card, held by the audience member. How is this trick done?

Note: The only communication between A and B is via the arrangement of the four cards. There is no encoded speech or hand signals or ESP, no bent or marked cards, no clue in the orientation of the pile of four cards…


Flipping cards

December 15, 2007

(Can be found in Leino’s puzzle page)
You’re given a regular deck of 52 playing cards. In the pile you’re given, 13 cards face up and the rest face down. You are to separate the given cards into two piles, such that the number of face-up cards in each pile is the same. In separating the cards, you’re allowed to flip cards over. The catch: you have to do this in a dark room where you cannot determine whether a card is face up or face down.